Making it to the Moon

This is it, coming soon! The last “chapter” in the Ghost Gifts series! It’s been quite a ride, much of it unexpected. I’d like to share with readers ECHO MOON’s backstory. I very much wanted to do something different with this book, but at the same time I knew readers would be looking for Aubrey Ellis, our powerhouse heroine with an incredible psychic gift.

That said, times do change and I felt strongly that another character needed to carry the GHOST GIFTS torch to the finish line. Enter Pete St John. If you read FORETOLD, you know we leave off with a cliffhanger. ECHO MOON picks up a number of years later with a grown-up Pete, Aubrey and Levi’s son. The world-traveling photojournalist has a future to look forward to, if not for the past he’s running from. The reader soon learns that the cliffhanger from FORETOLD has yet to be resolved.

ECHO MOON chases that storyline, chronicling the LIVES of Peter St John–a brilliant, yet brilliantly flawed photographer, who struggles in the present because he is constantly reliving his 1917 past. In the heyday of vaudeville, on the cusp of a Great War, Peter St John knows he loved a girl named Esme. He also knows he killed her.

When Esme’s ghost turns up in Pete’s present-day life, he is finally compelled to seek answers–but where to begin and what will he unearth? Is he a brutal killer, a war hero who snapped, or is something else at work? Has Esme’s ghost decided it’s time for revenge and a good haunting?

I loved writing ECHO MOON, thrilled to be on one more journey with these wonderful characters. I never imagined writing historical fiction, and I was amazed how drawn I was to long-ago Luna Park (once a Coney Island staple), a nation on the brink of war, and the innocent romance of the era.

While ECHO MOON is a GHOST GIFTS novel, the book can read as a stand alone title–good news for anyone who doesn’t like to start from the beginning! But I do hope readers will build up to Pete’s story. As the author, it’s my instinct that Pete’s journey is that much richer if you appreciate the Ellis-St John history, the weave of story thread that brought us to this book.

Thank you readers for asking for more of Aubrey Ellis’s story. Thank you for taking time to stop by here and to leave a review for ECHO MOON, or any of the GHOST GIFTS novels. Happy reading. I hope ECHO MOON, and its conclusion, brings you as much satisfaction as it does me.

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