About Laura Spinella

Between my Ghost Gifts trilogy and other books, I’ve published eight novels. Author? Maybe. In truth, I’m a girl from Long Island who fell in love with the South and ended up calling New England home. Along the way, ideas emerged, leading to the titles noted on this website.

Praise for Laura Spinella Novels

"...No ordinary romance, and no ordinary suspense or thriller either, the author casts her spell as the reader is taken on an exciting superbly paced novel that is un-put-down-able. Entrancing, intense and riveting."

—The Great Read 

“In the highly anticipated sequel to her bestselling Ghost Gifts... Foretold artfully weaves the past and present, bound together by otherworldly ‘gifts’ that, in various forms, often come at a grave price. A fast-paced read with a jaw-dropping twist that I never saw coming.”
—Kristina McMorris, New York Times best selling author

"...like a Russian nesting doll there are secrets hidden beneath the layers... "

—Romance Dish

“An engaging writing voice, realistic characters and a compelling mystery make this a must-read! Aubrey and Levi are compelling and likable, both individually and as a team, and the way their stories intersect increases the appeal. Just the right blend of emotion and humor combine with captivating suspense for a paranormal mystery that is sure to delight fans. The flashbacks heighten the tension and deepen the poignancy, and the romantic angle has a great slow-burn passion.”

—RT Book Reviews, Top Pick 

“In Spinella’s wrenching tale of love and loss, one woman must come to terms with her past and the decisions that have shaped her life... Spinella has filled her incredibly emotional novel with multifaceted characters, and nothing is as simple as it seems in this true page-turner.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Unique, realistic characters are a strong selling point for me, and this book excels in that respect. 

—Quiet Fury Books

Laura's Notes

An Honest Assessment of Blank Pages

This is the strangest blank page I’ve seen in a decade. This is, without question, the strangest year of the decade. I sat down to write this and wondered if I’d remember how. I haven’t written a creative word in more than six months. Let’s see how I do. Most of my “gap year” revolves around our move from New…

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