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What’s New? Well, Just About Everything…

While I’m out getting a new house in a new state with a semi-new life, I thought I’d get a new website. Welcome to Laura, 4.0. That’s an unusual number of websites for an author with eight books, but in full disclosure, my part-time gig happens to be working for AuthorBytes, a web developer. They specialize in author websites the way a skilled surgeon knows anatomy.

Also, after nine years , they’ll do most anything to shut me up.

When I’m Not Writing Books

I don’t talk about my “day job” much. It’s not why people might peruse this site, but it is a serendipitous position that’s brought challenges and benefits. I’ve gotten to know many authors—giant names, like David Morrell (father of Rambo), Sue Monk Kidd, and Barbara Delinsky, who is as lovely as you might expect. I always keep the focus on the web work, but every so often conversations drift into “writer talk.” I’ve been the recipient of great author advice, as well as mesmerizing anecdotes.

As publishing has changed, so has the purpose and need for author websites. Nowadays, AuthorBytes takes on as many bestselling authors as we do writers in the hunt. Naturally, these eager authors are coming at their website and goals from a different perspective, and sometimes it’s me who offers the advice and anecdotes.

Perils of Self-Made Sites

  Of course, there’s the intricate technology involved in good web design. If our CTO (Chief Tech Officer) reads that while drinking coffee, it will come out his nose. The technology—the real technology, remains miles above my head. But that’s okay, it’s not what I do. (And just fyi, he’s bedazzling brilliant)

Yes You Can!

Personally, I’ve come a long way. Steve Bennett, AuthorBytes founder, originally hired me to populate websites. Basically, that meant loading  the text and images onto website pages. It’s evolved into a fulfilling job  any author (not breaking the bank with book sales) would love to have. Today, I create the site themes, most easily interpreted as “building a site,” transitioning our fabulous graphic artists’ designs into functioning websites.

I’ve surprised myself with what I’ve learned, what I can accomplish with pretty stunning results. Here are a few of my recent projects:,,

Last January, I started a rebuild of my own site. Then life kicked up—and, oh, I could go on with the scope of War and Peace about things that have gotten in the way. My initial thought was to write a post about why it’s taken so long to produce this site. But I’ll go with the simplest explanation: When you’re married to a mechanic, your own brakes are the last to get fixed!

So welcome to the latest iteration or reinvention of my author life. The only pesky thing left is that next Laura Spinella novel. Just a minor detail that will surely write itself in no time.

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