Collecting Inspiration

  Dusty treasures…  With collections come inspiration. Objects of fascination are boundless: milk glass, bottle caps, depression glass, Golden books, grown-up books—signed copies and first editions—jadeite, rocks, stamps, coins, dolls, marbles, and… well, you get the idea. The endless need for shelf space and feather dusters. My mother-in-law collected salt & pepper shakers and tiny…

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This is the Reason Ghost Stories Are Subject to Interpretation

Reader Impressions

No two people interpret ghosts the same way. You have believers, people who embrace the concept of spiritual beings. Others, like my afternoon boss—an intellectual pragmatist, are convinced that earthly explanations account for ghostly perceptions. I also have a close friend with strong religious beliefs. She doesn’t discount a spirit populace, but she does question…

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We Interrupt this Blog

  Hello! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Super Bowl weekend. If you’re not into football (GO PATS!!), enjoy The Puppy Bowl or This Is Us—I hear a Jack Pearson commemorative Crockpot recipe is in the works for the big game! After all, Super Bowl Sunday is Jack’s favorite day! Coming soon, I have…

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