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Laura Spinella

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Archive for January 2018

I’m Sorry Joyce Kilmer

I am grim today, busy altering history in way that would earn a poetic tongue lashing from Mr. Kilmer. It’s a little piece of history, about 150 years old, that sits on an even smaller piece of property. Currently, my name is on the deed. Two giant pines trees live outside my sunroom. They’re imposing…

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Uncensored Writing Advice

Winners: Stephanie, from Blue Grass country, Barbara’s a signed copy of The Promise Between Us and Linda Moore, a signed copy of Ghost Gifts. Many thanks for all the comments! Giveaway Alert! Comment on this blog post and be entered to win a signed copy of Barbara Claypole White’s latest release, The Promise Between Us—racing…

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Writer Impetus vs Onus

Recently, my critique partner challenged me to write about the impetus of Foretold—book two in the Ghost Gifts Novels. She wanted me to expound on the propulsion, driving force, and energy behind the story. I blinked at the question like she’d shone a bright light into my eyes. Impetus?  I’d agreed to write this book…

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The Beautiful Disaster of a Debut Novelist

Wow! It’s been a while since that image was front and center. While mainstream news is all about the weather, I have an anniversary to celebrate today. Seven years ago, Beautiful Disaster, my first novel, made its debut. It was an exciting time filled with great anticipation. I’d only taken up novel writing five years…

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