Halloween Checklist

If Halloween has checklist, my boxes are filled: Old house on hill—√ Ghostly presence residing in house—√ Novels that include ghosts, psychics, and otherworldly elements—√,√, and √√ Black cat? Um… Check that one too! Say hi to timid Gus, the most miscast black cat, who just wants someone to assure him he’s loved. Halloween Ambivalence My boxes may…

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This is the Reason Ghost Stories Are Subject to Interpretation

Reader Impressions

No two people interpret ghosts the same way. You have believers, people who embrace the concept of spiritual beings. Others, like my afternoon boss—an intellectual pragmatist, are convinced that earthly explanations account for ghostly perceptions. I also have a close friend with strong religious beliefs. She doesn’t discount a spirit populace, but she does question…

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Haunt on the Hill

What do you think? Is this the haunted house on the hill, the “I dare you” stop for trick-or-treaters? Will tiny costumed visitors venture up the darkened path, surrounded by ghostly pines? Trees that look as if they might bend and snatch. Is the reward at the door worth the risk? Well, I guess it…

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