This is the Reason Ghost Stories Are Subject to Interpretation

Reader Impressions

No two people interpret ghosts the same way. You have believers, people who embrace the concept of spiritual beings. Others, like my afternoon boss—an intellectual pragmatist, are convinced that earthly explanations account for ghostly perceptions. I also have a close friend with strong religious beliefs. She doesn’t discount a spirit populace, but she does question…

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Uncensored Writing Advice

Winners: Stephanie, from Blue Grass country, Barbara’s a signed copy of The Promise Between Us and Linda Moore, a signed copy of Ghost Gifts. Many thanks for all the comments! Giveaway Alert! Comment on this blog post and be entered to win a signed copy of Barbara Claypole White’s latest release, The Promise Between Us—racing…

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What’s Out This Christmas

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a gallbladder removal. It’s what I’m doing with my Friday before Christmas. How about you? As a good friend noted, “What? You thought you needed a greater holiday challenge?” Well no, but that’s the way the surgeon’s schedule worked out, and why put off until 2018 what you can cram…

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