This is the Reason Ghost Stories Are Subject to Interpretation

Reader Impressions

No two people interpret ghosts the same way. You have believers, people who embrace the concept of spiritual beings. Others, like my afternoon boss—an intellectual pragmatist, are convinced that earthly explanations account for ghostly perceptions. I also have a close friend with strong religious beliefs. She doesn’t discount a spirit populace, but she does question…

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The Beautiful Disaster of a Debut Novelist

Wow! It’s been a while since that image was front and center. While mainstream news is all about the weather, I have an anniversary to celebrate today. Seven years ago, Beautiful Disaster, my first novel, made its debut. It was an exciting time filled with great anticipation. I’d only taken up novel writing five years…

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Hurricanes & Myths

Between Mother Nature and another 9/11 Anniversary, it’s been a rough few weeks. I am fortunate to have observed hurricane fury from the safety of a New England September. (It’s the month we pay in advance for the coming February.) I’m not much of TV watcher, but the images were impossible to escape. I certainly…

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