Perfect Timing, Praise

Perfect Timing by Laura Spinella is a warm, exciting love story that heavily succeeds in gripping your heart. It switches from past to present with clever style and grace, and it spins the drama of the story beautifully. Spinella uses dialogue and an enchanting author voice that hooks you every page and makes you extremely eager to find out the finishing plot.” Read full review
—Fresh Fiction

“Spinella weaves a story that shifts seamlessly from past to present. In doing so, we get to see both Isabel and Aidan grow up and evolve into more than just characters in a book.It was as if I was watching them grow up not just reading about it. Add in a supporting cast of colorful characters that are funny and insightful, and you have yourself a darn good story!!” Read full review
Up All Night Book Blog

“I loved Isabel, she was always in control and did her best to roll with the punches life gave her. She had a protective edge and a kind heart. Her relationship with Aidan was electric. I haven’t been this obsessed with a story and how it ended in a very long time… There are laughs, sweet romantic moments, some heartbreaking moments and enough love to keep you reading into the wee hours of the night. Pick this up and read it!”
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“After reading so many amazing reviews from different authors and fellow readers, I was excited to finally dive into this book. Perfect Timing was everything I hoped it would be plus much more. This book has action, humor, and an irresistible love story that will keep you hooked from the first page until the last.” Read full review
Karen’s Korner

Perfect Timing is a book that had me up until the early hours of the morning and completely engrossed. The writing is beautiful and story is captivating. you will fall in love with Aidan and Isabel’s story right from the start.  I highly recommend this book…”  Read full review
Fresh Fiction Today

“To say more (about Perfect Timing) would spoil a neat story that is credible, sincere, stunning and passionate.  Laura Spinella has created a tale that is replete with a good plot, some unusual twists and turns, and a sexy, flawed but totally attractive male character.” Read full review
Crystal Book Review 

Perfect Timing by Laura Spinella is one of the most romantic books I’ve read in a long time… a truly fantastic read, and I’ve come to expect nothing less from Laura Spinella. Her sophomore novel resonated with me even more than her first …you may find yourself spending every free moment and sacrificing sleep just to find out how this beautiful story ends.” Read full review
Luxury Reading 

“I absolutely adored this book!  It’s always great when you are reading a book, get to the end and can’t put it down, but it’s quite a rarity to find a book you can’t put down even in the beginning!  And, that is exactly what I found with Perfect Timing! …if you’re looking for an amazing love conquers all story, full of emotion and powerful writing, this is a book you will NOT want to miss!”
Open Book Society

“A riveting love story from beginning to end!”
My Book Addiction

“Justice and passion come full circle!”
The Best Reviews

“Laura Spinella has a talent for portraying beautiful love stories…  This story is packed with family secrets, betrayal, a compelling dialogue and twists and turns. There was one particular one that I didn’t see coming that made me say WOW.” Read full review
— Chick Lit Central

“Laura Spinella is the only author I have read that can move from the past to the present so seamlessly… This is a book of love conquering all with a ton of emotion and amazing writing… Laura Spinella wrote another amazing book that is sure to touch anyone who reads it.” Read full review
A Novel Review

Perfect Timing is a story of love, last chances, and family. This romantic page-turner will grab you an refuse to let go.”
—Long Island Woman Magazine

“It’s a nice escapist novel that’s hearty enough in size to really sink into…  Sometimes a book just needs to take you away for a while, and this one does just that.”
— Dew on the Kudzu 

“Spinella’s Perfect Timing has it all—a beautiful romance, true love’s sacrifice and strong emotional drama.  This one will keep you reading well into the night!”
—Jane Porter,  author of The Good Wife

“Spinella weaves an emotionally-charged tale of love sprinkled with the perfect blend of intriguing drama and charm. A seductive page-turner.”
—Beth Ciotta, author of The Cupcake Lover novels

“Laura Spinella creates realistic characters you care deeply about. Perfect Timing pulls you in from the first page all the way to the delicious ending. I loved it!”
—Maria Geraci, author of A Girl Like You

“The human heart and all its frailties are on magnificent display in Laura Spinella’s Perfect Timing. Her characters are so winning, vivid and compelling—and the love story so riveting—I was swept away. Perfect, indeed. Brava!”
—Ellen Meister, author of Farewell, Dorothy Parker andThe Other Life

“Laura Spinella creates characters that tug at the heart strings and make you clamor for a good resolution. I loved Isabel and Aidan so much, I felt like I grew with them over the course of the novel and cheered for them the whole way! Beautifully written, with gorgeous settings and a deft ear for dialogue, Perfect Timing is a true gem, one that I will carry with me for a long me.”
— Anita Hughes, author of Market Street and Lake Como

“Like the sultry Southern nights when Isabel Lang and Aidan Roycroft first learn about friendship and trust, Perfect Timing wraps its arms around you and holds tight. Through the course of this lush, beautiful novel, Isabel and Aidan also come to learn that though people with their own agendas may exploit and betray them, Aidan’s prodigious musical talent and Isabel’s rock-solid moral compass can not be denied. Nor can the relentless power of true love.”
Judith Arnold, USA Today bestselling author

“An unforgettable romance for anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to love and then lose the world’s sexiest rock star. Perfect Timing takes the reader on a vicarious thrill ride into world of fame, fortune and family secrets, and stays with you like your favorite rock ballad.  Perfect Timing deserves a standing ovation.”
—Karin Gillespie, author of Bottom Dollar Girl series.

“Laura  Spinella has written another irresistible love story, with plot twists that make your heart pound—and the sexiest hero on the planet. I consumed Perfect Timing in one sitting!”
—Barbara Claypole White, author of The In-Between Hour

“I loved, Perfect Timing, so much…  But you need to read her romantic stories for yourself.  One warning: set aside time for them.  They are total page-turners that you won’t be able to put down.”
—Brenda Janowitz, author of The Lonely Hearts Club