Perfect Timing

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Published by: Penguin
Release Date: November 5, 2013
Pages: 384
ISBN13: 978-0425267301



There’s rock, there’s a hard place, then there’s Aidan & Isabel

What’s a Jersey girl to do when she moves to Catswallow, Alabama? Isabel Lang finds the answer in friendship, an unlikely bond with the musically gifted Aidan Roycroft. The two share everything from a first kiss to startling family secrets. But when Aidan is accused of a violent crime, the inseparable pair flee to Las Vegas. The move seems like a jackpot win as a long-awaited romance ignites and a major recording label offers Aidan a deal. But Vegas luck doesn’t last when circumstance interferes and Isabel’s future comes tumbling down.

Seven years later the past is history. That includes any yesteryear bond with Aidan Roycroft—an entity better known as Aidan Royce, Alabama’s own Springsteen. Isabel is busy running a radio station and closing in on a commitment with Nate Potter, a guy who defines ideal. Life seems cozy until new station management demands a sudden-death ratings grabber.  It puts everyone’s job on the line and Isabel's perfectly timed future in jeopardy. What should be a simple solution leads to a stunning revelation as Isabel is forced to call on the past and the only rock star she knows.

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"Perfect Timing is a warm, exciting love story that heavily succeeds in gripping your heart. It switches from past to present with clever style and grace, and it spins the drama of the story beautifully. Spinella uses dialogue and an enchanting author voice that hooks you every page and makes you extremely eager to find out the finishing plot." Read full review
—Fresh Fiction
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"Spinella weaves a story that shifts seamlessly from past to present. In doing so, we get to see both Isabel and Aidan grow up and evolve into more than just characters in a book.It was as if I was watching them grow up not just reading about it. Add in a supporting cast of colorful characters that are funny and insightful, and you have yourself a darn good story!!" Read full review
—Up All Night Book Blog
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"I loved Isabel, she was always in control and did her best to roll with the punches life gave her. She had a protective edge and a kind heart. Her relationship with Aidan was electric. I haven't been this obsessed with a story and how it ended in a very long time... There are laughs, sweet romantic moments, some heartbreaking moments and enough love to keep you reading into the wee hours of the night. Pick this up and read it!"
—Night Owl Reviews
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Chapter 1

Providence, Rhode Island

There was nothing enticing about waking up to a three-hundred-pound man who smelled faintly of cheese—even if he was a silver-tongued veteran. Worse, he’d managed to utter the name Aidan Royce before Isabel could untangle mascara-laced lashes, prying open an eye. Her hand groped for the volume as radio DJ Chip Wrangle wrapped things up, Isabel hearing a velvet-timbre mention of the Grammy-winning, mega-selling music icon. But that couldn’t be right, she wagered, sitting upright. “Hey, did he just say—”

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