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Series: Ghost Gifts Trilogy #2
Published by: Montlake Romance
Release Date: October 24, 2017
Pages: 383
ISBN13: 978-1542046749

Book 2 in the Ghost Gifts Trilogy


An Amazon Editors' Pick

Laura Spinella’s Ghost Gifts trilogy continues as Aubrey’s otherworldly talents—and a visit from a former lover—threaten to tear apart her family.

A mysterious death in a muddy swamp, missing children in different states… psychic Aubrey Ellis and her partner, investigative reporter Levi St John, have their hands full. The added strain of raising their son, Pete—who struggles with his own psychic gift—pushes life to the brink of collapse.

Enter Zeke Dublin—Aubrey’s first love from her carnival past. Tensions escalate when it’s clear that an old attraction is alive and well. But as Levi discovers disturbing clues about the body pulled from the swamp, he begins to suspect Zeke’s sudden presence is more than coincidence.

As Aubrey’s uncanny abilities take an unsettling turn, she fears that this time her own child is in danger. Who can Aubrey trust to help solve the unknowns surrounding her life—the father of her son, or a man who’s always understood the deepest secrets of her psychic gift?

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“In the highly anticipated sequel to her bestselling Ghost Gifts, Laura Spinella entrances the reader with another suspenseful tale full of mystery and secrets. Foretold artfully weaves the past and present, bound together by otherworldly ‘gifts’ that, in various forms, often come at a grave price. A fast-paced read with a jaw-dropping twist that I never saw coming.”
—Kristina McMorris, New York Times best selling author, Sold on a Monday

“Laura Spinella has created a captivating heroine in Aubrey Ellis. Be prepared to believe in her psychic gift. Foretold bridges suspense and romance, making an intricate journey between the past and present. Unexpected twists from the dead kept me reading late into the night. I loved it.”
—Kendra Elliot, Wall Street Journal bestselling author 

“Laura Spinella has done it again! Foretold is a heart-pounding page-turner with murder, suspense, and dark forces—human and spiritual—threatening to rip psychic Aubrey Ellis's world apart. As Aubrey and her partner, Levi St John, confront ghosts from the past and present, the complex threads of this masterful mystery weave together for one heck of an adrenaline rush. An amazing sequel to Ghost Gifts!”
—Barbara Claypole White, bestselling author of Echoes of Family

"Foretold was one of the most enthralling novels I’ve read in a long while. I was breathless in anticipation for the next page. Spinella has outdone herself, crafting a compelling tale that seizes you by the short hairs and does not let go, not for one second. An absolute must-read for those who love paranormal fiction. Fans of Ghost Gifts, anticipating the sequel, will be satisfied readers.”
—Karin Gillespie, author of Love Literary Style


New Paltz, New York
Carnival Days

Aubrey Ellis was five the first time life turned upside over, like a somersault in deep seas. Her parents were dead and she was sent to live with her grandmother—Charlotte Antonia Pickford Ellis Heinz Bodette, carnival mistress deluxe. The woman’s hodgepodge troupe and a traveling life were Charley’s soul, though Aubrey quickly became her heart. Despite the odds, or odd environment, the certainty of falling asleep in Piscataway only to wake in Poughkeepsie, the loneliness that lingered in carnival crowds, Aubrey prevailed. She had to. Life’s other demand required all her wit and will, because Aubrey’s second somersault was the inexplicable ability to speak to the dead.

At twenty-one, Aubrey’s childhood was never far from her thoughts—a freakish yet fascinating phenomenon. To her surprise, it was Zeke Dublin who had managed to soothe the most calamitous memories, peppering Aubrey’s life with security and happiness. In the heat of the current summer, those emotions had become Aubrey’s focus, perhaps a driving force, and she didn’t want the feelings to end. She’d imagined Zeke would want the same. How could he not? But as fantasies so often do, reality had muscled its way into the evening.

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