Unstrung, Praise

In Spinella’s wrenching tale of love and loss, one woman must come to terms with her past and the decisions that have shaped her life. Spinella has filled her incredibly emotional novel with multifaceted characters, and nothing is as simple as it seems in this true page-turner.”
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“As the reader gets deeper into the story they discover Olivia’s life appears to be one thing on the surface, but like a Russian nesting doll there are secrets hidden beneath the layers… I can say I would certainly read another of Ms. Spinella’s books.  She has a terrific wit, and creates dialogue that sets the tone and gives breath to each character… I’m always amazed when I read a work of fiction where the author has created a world that comes to life, a living drama before my eyes.  Those are the best kinds of reads.  That’s what this author has accomplished with “Unstrung.
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“Unstrung is a slow burning mosaic of emotion and grandeur. It’s a completely satisfying stand alone book. I’m so grateful and elated to have read this story and now to have been introduced to this authors beautiful writing. I highly recommend it to readers who love complexity in their stories and more importantly their characters, a slow burn, a momentous onslaught of emotions wrapped into a story of growth, loss, bravery, and deep enduring love.”
—TeriLyn’s Reviews

“Laura Spinella weaves a compelling tale of family and friendship, the mistakes we make and the price we pay for them. Filled with dazzling twists and wonderfully flawed characters, Unstrung kept me riveted until the very last page. Spinella’s writing is flawless and her story-telling captivating. A must-read for anyone who has ever looked back and wondered, ‘What if…‘”
—Lori Nelson Spielman, #1 International Bestselling Author

“A darkly quirky tale in which nothing is quite as it seems, Unstrung is about family legacies, dark secrets, one volatile violinist who sees her gift as a curse, and three men who are about to define her future. It will punch you in the gut and melt your heart.”
—Barbara Claypole White, bestselling author of The Perfect Son and Echoes of Family

“Laura Spinella is a master at creating multi-layered, engrossing narratives, and Unstrung is no exception. From its emotionally explosive opening scene to its satisfying and surprising conclusion, you will not be able to put this enthralling novel down.  The author has outdone herself in creating Olivia Klein, a troubled violinist caught up in a love triangle. This arresting tale will resonate with readers long after the last page.”
—Karin Gillespie, Author of Love Literary Style; Georgia Author of the Year

“I turned to the first page of Unstrung expecting a story about music. Instead, I discovered a wonderfully written story about reconnecting with who we really are, of finally seeing ourselves stripped of other people’s baggage. Spinella offers a glimpse of characters who are at their most raw, weaving an evocative tale about lies, regret, and long held secrets, reminding us in the end that sometimes the worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves.”
—Barbara Davis, author of Love Alice 

“In Unstrung, Laura Spinella orchestrates a brilliant, multi-layered story about family expectations, forgiveness, and whether we can truly love ourselves and others just as we are. With an emotionally explosive opening, Unstrung follows Olivia Van Doren, a gifted concert violinist who sees her gift as a curse, as her life unravels in a shocking series of twists and turns that captivate the reader from page one and doesn’t let go until it crescendos into a symphonic ending that leaves you breathless. As lyrical, dynamic, and riveting as the compositions Olivia performs, Unstrung is an honest and raw exploration of one woman’s journey as she learns to embrace her talents and the goodness life has to offer.”
—Kerry Lonsdale, author of the #1 Kindle bestselling novel, Everything We Keep

“In Unstrung, Laura Spinella delivers a fast-paced, original, and deeply emotional story about a violin prodigy struggling to keep her life on track while running from her past and making some disastrous mistakes along the way. With surprising humor and heartfelt romantic themes, this is a story that will have you rooting for these flawed characters as they realize that love, even when it comes later in life, is always worth the wait.”
—Holly Robinson, author of Beach Plum Island

“Unstrung sucked us in from the very first chapter—Spinella weaves a deeply engrossing tale of love and loss, and the complexities that come along with each.”
—Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke, authors of The Year We Turned Forty

“Oh. This book.  It’s going to hang with me for a long time. Olivia Van Doren is one of the most complex, captivating characters I’ve ever met in a book. She should be unlikable but, because we know the house she grew up in, she isn’t. The author walks a delicate line throughout the entire book, and kept me on the edge of my seat with twists, turns, and the drama vortex that is Liv, and her poor decisions. An absolutely riveting read. I highly recommend it.”
—Laura Drake, author of Days Made of Glass

Unstrung is a wonderful symphonic read with Laura Spinella as conductor, offering a layered look at a very smart woman who dislikes herself. Olivia Klein seeks salvation through anonymous good deeds that eventually land her smack dab in the middle of her own turbulent past. She’s destructive, brilliant, limited by her childhood, and yet seeks the truth even though it will hurt those she loves. The three great loves of her life interweave as Olivia asks the question all of us wonders—just how much are we shaped by our own actions and what we inherit from our parents? A fascinating and complicated storyline, Unstrung acutely observes relationships and grabbed me from the opening page—I loved this book.”
—Ellyn Oaksmith, USA Today Bestselling author