Ghost Gifts, Praise

“An engaging writing voice, realistic characters and a compelling mystery make this a must-read! Aubrey and Levi are compelling and likable, both individually and as a team, and the way their stories intersect increases the appeal. Just the right blend of emotion and humor combine with captivating suspense for a paranormal mystery that is sure to delight fans. The flashbacks heighten the tension and deepen the poignancy, and the romantic angle has a great slow-burn passion.”
—RT Book Reviews, Top Pick Read More 

Ghost Gifts is a wild adventure of a mystery, brimming with layers, secrets, and more than one person who should feel guilty. …each puzzle piece is absolutely needed, making the story read at a quicker pace. The paranormal twist gives the plot flavor, and Aubrey’s carnival background also adds a fun spice. Some of the most intriguing scenes come from flashbacks centered around Missy, placing the reader in a very different sort of mindset and making the murder mystery much more personal. It’s a close call as to whether the romance or the mystery is most consuming, but thankfully, both are there, and both are bound to keep readers up far past their bedtime. Paranormal mystery/romance fans will find a gem of a story in Laura Spinella’s Ghost Gifts.”
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Ghost Gifts transcends labels like ‘murder mystery’ or ‘love story’ or ‘ghost tale,’ giving readers a masterful plot that weaves effortlessly between past and present, sharply pivoting whenever you think you’ve put your finger on it. The characters and setting come to life so vividly that you forget you’re reading a book. Laura Spinella’s Ghost Gifts is an absolute treasure.”
—David Ellis, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“…No ordinary romance, and no ordinary suspense or thriller either, author Laura cast her magical spell as the reader is taken on an exciting superbly paced novel that is un-put-down-able. Entrancing, intense and riveting, Ghost Gifts by Laura Spinella is a gratifyingly satiating read that will leave many readers clamoring for more.”
—The Great Reads Read More

“Laura Spinella automatically became a favorite author of mine ever since I read Ruby Ink… (her pen name novel) The sequel to Ruby Ink, The Mission, only made me fall in love with her writing even more and the same thing happened this time around… I absolutely loved Levi and Aubrey’s interactions. They were so genuine and heart-felt and I couldn’t get enough of how perfectly they complemented each other… Not only do we get to witness an unlikely relationship unfold but we also get a first look into the life of the victim that they’re investigating in alternating chapters. The investigation is full of scandals, betrayal, and unbelievable moments… P.S.: Laura, I will never forgive you for scaring me to death with those last few chapters!!!! My heart almost beat itself out of my chest because of you.”
—The Bookish Crypt Read More

“Ghost Gifts is Laura’s third novel in the romantic fiction classification and while there is nothing inherently wrong with romantic fiction, this book is so much more. The story of Aubrey Ellis can be classified as paranormal fiction and could also be considered a thriller. The book is well-written and captures the reader’s interest from the very first chapter. The author skillfully weaves the past and the present into a cohesive story that culminates with a surprise twist.”
—Talk Nerdy Read More

“…. The author does an amazing job of developing the main character Aubrey’s backstory, and then adding in the story of her newspaper colleague, Levi, and the murdered girl, Missy, as the book goes on. The images she paints are what really drew me into the story.”
—JD Journal Read More 

“…Similarly to the story, the author also slowly gives us tidbits and flashbacks to both Aubrey and Levi’s history, which makes them much more dynamic characters and gets the reader more invested in their own individual stories as well as their relationship with one another. If you like mysteries and ghost stories, along with a little romance, this is definitely a fun read!”
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“I really enjoyed this fast paced mystery filled with intriguing characters.”
—Inside of a Dog Read More

“Unique, realistic characters are a strong selling point for me, and this book excels in that respect. I loved Aubrey. The book opens with her as a child, and I immediately connected with her; not because of any similarities with my own childhood, but because I truly felt what she was going through. We soon jump ahead to Aubrey in adulthood, and the emotional connection stays strong throughout the remainder of the book.”
—Quiet Fury Books Read More

“Ghost Gifts barrels down the tracks of past and present like a high octane thriller with a gritty, film noir feel. Unique, gripping and highly entertaining. I could not put it down.”
—Ellyn Oaksmith, USA Today bestselling author

“Thoroughly entertaining!”
—Tracy Brogan, bestselling author

“Ghost Gifts will stir your emotions, spook the bejesus out of you, and keep you furiously turning pages until the cows deign to come home. Clear your calendar, stock up on the candy and caffeine, and prepare to get lost in Laura Spinella’s intricate and layered narrative. A singular and wickedly satisfying storytelling experience.”
—Karin Gillespie, author of Girl Meets Class

“Laura Spinella skillfully weaves plot twists from the dead with secrets from the living, and adds sparks when psychic Aubrey Ellis and reporter Levi St John are assigned to uncover the truth about a decades old New England murder. An adrenaline rush from the first page to the last, I devoured Ghost Gifts.”
—Barbara Claypole White, bestselling author of The Perfect Son