Echo Moon, Praise

“Enthralling and imaginative, where the past intertwines with the present, Spinella masterfully delivers in the third and final installment of her GHOST GIFT trilogy. ECHO MOON is filled with suspense, mystery, and romance, and kept me turning the pages and on my toes until the very end, an ending I didn’t see coming. I love unexpected twists! Fans, new and old, as ECHO MOON can easily stand on its own, will devour Peter St. John’s story. I sure did.”
—Kerry Lonsdale, Wall Street Journal bestselling author

“I just finished this riveting, fascinating, heart-tugging, heart-pounding book. My emotions and thoughts are swirling…I want to weep and smile at the same time. This book comes out in May, but if you haven’t already, read the first two books in this trilogy…Ghost Gifts and Foretold…before turning to the first page of this one. Laura Spinella, you are so gifted, your story-telling skills are dazzling, you always surprise me.”
—Sue’s Booking Agency

“Laura Spinella’s ECHO MOON is a spellbinding story that seamlessly crosses time and kept me turing the pages to the very end. Beautiful writing, interesting characters, and a fascinating mystery heighten a great love story that will forever linger in the reader’s mind!”
—Rita Herron, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Laura Spinella has written a spell-binding tale of mystery, mysticism, and the ache of the human heart. I was immediately drawn into the world of Pete and Esme as he is haunted by a single memory that has ruled his life – a terrible act he committed a hundred years ago. Spinella weaves a compelling tale that takes the reader back and forth in time as Pete discovers the truth about who he is, what he’s done, and how he can rebuild the life he lives today. A winner that is sure to be a hit among readers across many genres.”
—Camille DiMaio, Holt Medallion Finalist, author of The Way of Beauty

“A powerful love story in its own right, ECHO MOON offers a stunning and deeply satisfying conclusion to the Ghost Gifts trilogy. Every thread in the series effortlessly weaves together; every question you didn’t realize needed asking, is answered. As Pete St John, now an acclaimed war photojournalist, runs from both his lives—in 1917 and the present—Laura Spinella, who creates gloriously complex, tortured heroes, also proves herself to be a master of historical fiction. My advice? Cancel your weekend plans and read GHOST GIFTS, FORETOLD, and ECHO MOON back-to-back.”
Barbara Claypole White, bestselling author of The Perfect Son and The Promise Between Us

“I highly recommend Echo Moon for readers of historical, contemporary and paranormal romance. Spinella is a masterful writer who weaves all these elements together into a story full of plot twists and memorable characters.”
—Debbie Herbert, author of Charmed and Dangerous